What is USCS

United States Commercial Service

The Kentucky District Export Council works closely with the US Commercial Service (USCS)– the trade promotion arm of the International Trade Administration within the United States Department of Commerce. The mission of the USCS is to promote the export of goods and services from the United States, particularly by small- and medium-sized businesses; to represent U.S. business interests internationally; and to help U.S. businesses find qualified international partners.

The USCS helps U.S. small and medium sized business grow international sales by providing:

* Online and customized market research.

* Support for U.S. exhibitors in selected overseas and domestic trade shows to attract qualified business partners.

* Programs to introduce exporters of U.S. products to qualified buyers and distributors.

* Individualized counseling and advocacy.

* Training programs on subjects such as export documentation, export controls, and the basics of exporting.

The core of the USCS is the network of international trade specialists in U.S. Export Assistance Centers throughout the United States and the USCS commercial officers, specialists, assistants and other staff located at USCS offices in U.S. embassies and consulates in more than 150 cities in 80 countries.

Contact US Export Assistance Centers in Kentucky: Brian.miller@trade.gov; Mona.musa@trade.gov; Sara.moreno@trade.gov, and Peggy.Pauley@trade.gov, or call 502-836-1677 for more information.

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