National District Export Council Press Release

by KDEC on January 31, 2017

Exports of American goods and services constitute a critical foundation of the U.S. economy. Numerous studies have shown that exports are a key component of economic growth. In order for this growth to continue, however, U.S. governmental policies that encourage exports are essential. These policies include commercial diplomacy that promotes U.S. goods and services in foreign markets, aggressive combating of foreign trade barriers to U.S. exports, and enactment and enforcement of trade agreements that advance the state of American exports.

The National District Export Council, which is an organization that represents 1300 companies in the 60 District Export Councils throughout the United States, is the voice of the American small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) exporter. It seeks to advance the interests of American exporters by advocating for those governmental policies that will result in the increase of global competitiveness for American manufacturers thus resulting in jobs, economic development and rising wages in the U.S. In the current climate of economic uncertainty, U.S. exports can and should lead the way to increased prosperity for the American worker and American manufacturers as a whole.

The Trump Administration has signaled its desire to expand American exports. While by Executive Order President Trump on Monday formally withdrew the United States as a signatory to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Administration seeks to begin separate bilateral trade negotiations not only with the former 11 TPP partner countries but also with other countries as well. The National District Export Council stands ready to do its part by working with the new Administration as it crafts new trade agreements that will open foreign markets and level the playing field for American goods and services.

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